I recognize that you’re probably low on energy right now, that you probably struggle to find time to yourself, and that you aren’t made of money. That’s why the advice I’m going to share is entirely designed to be easy and practical to introduce into your lifestyle. It starts with simple, small changes and it builds up from there. What you’ll find is that each of the small wins you get early on will help to give you more energy, drive, and resources to funnel into the next win.

And finally, this book is different because it doesn’t take a narrow view of success. I’m not here to tell you that you need to become a CEO, or that you need to travel the world. You can do those things if you like but what is much more important is that you are able to find what success means for you. And beyond that, I’m also going to look at how you can increase your energy levels, your brainpower, your dress sense, and your attractiveness. This is going to be a total transformation based on science and built on easy and practical strategies. If you like the sounds of that, then this is the book for you.